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Road Trippin' in Pulaski County - Part 2!

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing more American than cruising the back roads on a relaxing afternoon. This is especially true in the Ozark Mountains, where the natural scenery is a draw for locals and tourists alike. Here in Pulaski County, we are fortunate to be centrally located in the state and in the nation, and to have so many options when it comes to getting out and enjoying the scenic views. As the leaves are changing colors and falling, you'll get to see the lay of the land even more in the next few weeks. So, if you cruise it during the peak of fall colors, try it again afterwards and you will see even more! To get some great pointers on some wonderful places to cruise in Pulaski County, we will continue with part two of our blog, Road Tripping in Pulaski County.   Riverside/Redding Roads 6.38 miles north of Lexington Road, Highway 17 Riverside and Redding roads are a dynamic duo combining for 6.3 miles to connect Highway 17 with T Highway. Just over a mile into the

What Makes Fort Wood Hotels Different?

Fort Wood Hotels by Ehrhardt Properties began as a father and son joint venture that was built by Spike and Steve Ehrhardt upon a foundation of hard work, positive values, and dedication to treating employees fairly. They started Ehrhart Properties in the Fort Leonard Wood area in 1998, during a period of growth as the Military Police and Chemical schools started moving there from Fort McClellan, Alabama. They understood the need for high-quality affordable lodging in the Fort Leonard Wood area , and also the importance of a team culture of integrity and service. It really has become a signature trait reflecting what Fort Wood Hotels stands for today. Now there are five unique hotels in the Fort Leonard Wood area by Ehrhardt Properties to choose from, each with their own amenities and individual feel. All of them are staffed with a tremendous team of people who care about our guests and work hard to make sure each and every stay is an exceptional experience. Keep reading to see what m

Get YOUR Kicks - On the Route 66 Challenge!

The Route 66 Challenge is a fun and unique way to explore the Mother Road, spend some time with family and or friends, or just enjoy cruising in a scenic area. It is not a road race, it is actually a game of strategy where the 33 miles of Route 66 in Pulaski County are used as the actual game board for the competition. The challenge starts as teams receive adventure envelopes with a clue or piece of trivia that will lead to a location. That location will then lead them to further instructions, directions, or challenges for points. There will also be mini adventures call detours that offer the opportunity to earn extra points, but they may just be a distraction - it’s up to you whether to take the chance. If you like an adventure and a challenge and love getting out on the open road, we think you would love to participate in the Route 66 Challenge this weekend. There are still 2 team spots available! There are even incentives and discount for shopping local while you are on the challen

5 things Travelers Want in an Extended Stay Hotel – at Candlewood Suites in St. Robert

Because our hotels are centrally located and in an area with numerous local attractions as well as a military base, we get a lot of requests for extended stay options. Candlewood Suites in Saint Robert is an award-winning hotel near Fort Leonard Wood providing guests with the highest level of quality and friendly service for short term visits or extended stays. There are a number of amenities that help travelers function and feel some normalcy while they are away from home. Whether you are on vacation, visiting a loved one at the military base, or working away from home, you will appreciate the accommodations at Candlewood Suites. If are planning to spend some time in the Fort Leonard Wood area and would like the convenience of an extended stay hotel in Saint Robert , we would like to tell you about 5 conveniences offered at Candlewood Suites that most people are looking for in an extended stay hotel.   1) Normal functioning Everyone wants to feel a sense of normalcy when they’re sta