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Fort Wood Hotel's Top Travel Safety Tips!

June is National Safety Month and we know that many folks will be on the road this month.  At our hotels, safety is a number one priority, and we also hope you travel safely while on the road.  This time of year family travel is at the top of the "To Do" list and we hope if you need a hotel in St. Robert Missouri , you stay with us.  Summer trips are where memories are made and families bond.  At  Fort Wood Hotels  we know the value of family trips, so we have some  top travel safety tips  when traveling by car to keep you and your family safe.   TOP TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS Traveling helps us rejuvenate and experience life.  It is essential to get away from time to time, but it is just as essential to remember to be safe while traveling.  Here are a few ways you can make your trip fun and safe! Leave an Itinerary with a Friend or Family Member.    Regardless of how you plan to travel...alone, with family or friends, you need to leave an itinerary with someone back ho

Fort Wood Hotels Serves The Chamber!

“To serve…our guests, our community and each other.”     Our motto above is our foundation for everything we do at Fort Wood Hotels .  Many factors contribute to our success as six local hotels in St. Robert, Missouri , but one major factor is our community involvement.  We believe in giving back to our community as well as the employees that work at all of our lodging properties.  You will not find higher quality hotels at a better value in our area.   Our family of  hotels in St. Robert, MO  is the center of St. Robert and are only a short 5-minute drive to  nearby Fort Leonard Wood , making it easy for us to stay involved with many local community events.  Here are a few ways Fort Wood Hotels serves the local community.  Serving Our Local Chamber Part of our business foundation is serving our community.  We strive in every way to continue this effort and go above and beyond for the people in the area we live in.  Fort Wood Hotels gives back to the local community in ma

Check Out Our Featured Property- MainStay Suites

Fort Wood Hotels has Six Top-Notch properties to choose from but today we will feature MainStay Suites in St. Robert Missouri .  If you are traveling to the  Fort Leonard Wood Missouri  area, this hotel is perfect whether you are staying for a night or a week.  The MainStay Suites is an extended stay hotel making visiting your military loved ones for an extended amount of time affordable.  If you are in the area for the  Fort Leonard Wood Graduations , this hotel near Fort Leonard Wood is a great choice as well.  This hotel is ideal for visiting families due to the many amenities offered during their stay including full-size kitchens in every room.  Our family of  hotels in St. Robert, MO  is the center of St. Robert and are only a short 5-minute drive to  nearby Fort Leonard Wood , making MainStay Suites the perfect choice when choosing a place to stay!  Why MainStay Suites? This extended stay hotel is great for anyone visiting the area for an extended amount of time.  Newly

Employee Spotlight-Michelle Beckley!

Fort Wood Hotels has Six Award Winning  hotels in St. Robert MO  ran by a team of top-notch employees.  We have many exceptional employees that make our hotels stand out amongst its competitors with our "Ozark Hospitality".  Our  hotels near Fort Leonard Wood MO  operates at such a high level due to the training leadership of our Director of Training & Development, Michelle Beckley.  Here are a few fun facts about Michelle Beckley to get to know her a bit.    Learn About Michelle Beckley Q. How did you get started with Fort Wood Hotels? A. I have worked for the Ehrhardt's for 24 years but only at Fort Wood Hotels for the past 7 years.  I started working at the Houston, MO Hardee's as a hostess in 1992 in high school. In 1994, I moved to Lebanon, MO Hardee's as a shift manager and worked up to general manager, where I proudly stayed for 15 years.  In 2011, I had an amazing opportunity to move into the hotel hospitality side of the Ehrhardt's

Explore These Must See Route 66 Landmarks in St. Robert Missouri!

The historic Route 66  is a stretch of Highway that goes across a huge portion of the US.  This roadway attracts tons of visitors with its scenery and must-see landmarks along the way.  Route 66 runs through St. Robert Missouri, making Fort Wood Hotels the perfect place to stop to rest while on your road trip. Our hotels in St. Robert MO are located near many Route 66 landmarks you must-see when traveling to the area.  One of our six hotels, Liberty Lodge was one of the original hotels on this historic roadway.  It has since been remodeled making staying in this hotel near Fort Leonard Wood Missouri part of your Route 66 journey.  Check out these must-see Route 66 Landmarks in the St. Robert area!   WWII History of Route 66 in St. Robert Missouri The Historic Route 66 was a roadway dating back to the early 1920's.  It ran through the area we now call St. Robert Missouri to gain access to Fort Leonard Wood Military Base.  During that time, a large training camp was