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The History Behind Fort Leonard Wood Military Base

Our family of hotels are the perfect place to stay when visiting the Mid-Missouri area.  Our properties are only a short drive to nearby Fort Leonard Wood which is the Crown Jewel of the US Army.  Fort Leonard Wood Missouri has lots of history that will keep any guest busy during their stay.  Whether you are visiting the area for Fort Leonard Wood Graduations or simply visiting to take in all the military history, Fort Wood Hotels is the place to stay!  Our blog today will feature the history behind Fort Leonard Wood Military Base and why it is worth the trip to the area to see such amazing military history.  

Fort Leonard Wood Military Base Begins

World War II was a period in time that changed America and its culture in many ways.  The leaders in our nation decided to increase the size of our armed forces to gain more leverage for the war.  This increase caused a change in Mid-Missouri. It brought change in the way of a new military base that would come to house many WWII Italian and G…

Employee Spotlight-Roxan McAlmont

Fort Wood Hotels has Six Award Winning hotels in St. Robert MO ran by a team of top-notch employees.  We have many exceptional employees that make our hotels stand out amongst its competitors with our "Ozark Hospitality".  Our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood MO operates at such a high level due to the leadership of our Fairfield Inn General Manager, Roxan McAlmont.  Here are a few fun facts about Roxan McAlmont to get to know her a bit.   Learn About Roxan McAlmont
Q. How did you get started with Fort Wood Hotels?
A. I started working part-time at Fairfield Inn in 1998 when they first opened under different ownership. In 2002, Steve bought the hotel and asked us to stay with the company.  At the time I was the front desk manager and continued as the front desk manager after the ownership transitioned.  I later became the General Manager in 2012.    

Q. What brought you to the St. Robert, Missouri area?
A. As a military wife, we were transferred to the area in 1997.  I have stayed i…

3 Reasons Fort Wood Hotels Are The Perfect Place To Stay For Your Next Road Trip!

Now that school is starting, it doesn't mean your traveling has to be over.  Our family of Fort Wood Hotels are centrally located making them the perfect place to stay, on your next getaway.  Staying at our hotels in St. Robert MO, you are located near many attractions, including many must-see historic Route 66 landmarks. Whether you decide to have a romantic getaway, family trip, or traveling with friends, ourhotels near Fort Leonard Wood Missouri make finding the right hotel for your journey a breeze.  Our family of hotels has six different lodging options to choose from, so finding the right hotel is no problem.  Here are three reasons Fort Wood Hotels are the perfect place to stay for your next road trip!  
Plenty of Lodging Options To Fit Your Needs
Fort Wood Hotels have six different hotels to choose from when visiting the area.  No matter the size of your group you are traveling with and your specific needs, we will have the right lodging options for you.  Don't forget to…

Join the Fort Wood Hotels Team!

Looking for a new job?  Join the Fort Wood Hotels award-winning team!  At Fort Wood Hotels we don't just hire employees, we hire people to join our family.  If you are in the market for a job in St. Robert MO or a job in Fort Leonard Wood MO areas that will give you the respect you deserve as an employee; Fort Wood Hotels is the place to apply.  We know that if we treat our employees with respect and as part of our family, they will treat each guest with the same courtesy.  Read what positions we have available and why you should apply.  

What Truly Makes Us Unique Is Our People!
We are proud of our employees and we believe we give them the right environment to succeed.  Our hotels in St. Robert MO is known for their Ozark Hospitality which we have a great deal of pride.  This customer service first starts with our employees and our approach to give them something to take pride in. Here are a few reasons you will love to work for our team:

✔️ Flexible work hours.  We know how busy ou…

Top Ways To Simplify Your Travel

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week.  What better way to simplify your life than to simplify how you travel.  Taking a trip is fun and exciting but can be a lot of work in advance with some uncertainties along the way.  Fort Wood Hotels have a few tips on how to keep your trip stress free and simple.  Summer trips are where memories are made and families bond.  If you need a hotel in St. Robert Missouri, stay with us.  At Fort Wood Hotels we know the value of trips, so we have some top ways to simplify your travel.

Book Directly With Your Hotel
Traveling can be a way to rejuvenate but sometimes preparing for your trip can be a bit overwhelming.  Don't let the planning process become stressful.  

Most travel is booked online.  We research online and then try to find the best deal.  This is convenient, but it can lead to uncertainties that can cause stress along the way.  One way we recommend simplifying your travel is to book directly with the hotel you …