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Take Advantage Of Fort Wood Hotels Special Packages!

Take advantage of Fort Wood Hotels lodging discounts. We have special packages to help you save money from romantic getaways to military discounts. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business our hotel specials can help save you money.  If you are in search for a hotel in the St. Robert, MO area or a hotel in the Fort Leonard Wood, MO area, Fort Wood Hotels has you covered. Read below to learn more about our different hotel specials and how you can start saving money by staying at Fort Wood Hotels.  

Fort Wood Hotels Lodging SpecialsWith six hotels to choose from, Fort Wood Hotels has created a package to suit just about every guest. Our knowledgeable staff can make sure you take advantage of all deals pertaining to your lodging special package.  Traveling should be an enjoyable experience and not stressful financially!  At Fort Wood Hotels we have affordable lodging in the St. Robert, MO area and special packages give you extra perks during your stay.  Stay with us and start sa…

The History Of The U.S. Army!

The United States Army is a vital part of our community and for our nation. The rich history behind this military branch is a huge part of our success in becoming a democratic nation. Fort Wood Hotel's lodging properties are located near Fort Leonard Wood, making us close to the Crown Jewel of the US Army in Missouri.  Since, we have strong ties to the Army, we thought we would review the history of the United States Army in today's blog. Whether you are visiting the area for Fort Leonard Wood Graduations or simply visiting to take in all the military history, Fort Wood Hotels is the place to stay!  Our blog today will feature the history behind the United States Army.  

United States Army Begins

The United States Army is older than the country it serves. It was created to help gain independence from the British, in 1775. The American Revolutionary War was a turning point in our nation's history. The British Army was invading and to gain our independence, a land-based milita…