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Workplace Holiday Party Ideas!

Holidays are here and now is the time to plan your workplace holiday party . Not sure where to start, we have you covered!  Fort Wood Hotels is the perfect place to hold your upcoming holiday event.  There is still time to plan and get the details worked out whether you have a small or large office. Our staff is available to help you plan the details. Check out these workplace holiday party ideas that are fun for everyone!  WORKPLACE HOLIDAY PARTY IDEAS Potluck Meal is sure to please everyone. Ask everyone to bring their favorite dessert or side dish, and the company will provide the meat. This is low stress and can keep cost down if you are a small office. Many people love the idea, and it makes the day festive. Gift Exchange . A great way to get into the holiday spirit is with presents. Have each person bring a gift. Make sure you set a price limit, and the gift should be gender neutral. Play a game where people can open, steal and exchange presents. This is super fun

Join Our Fort Wood Hotels Family - We Are Now Hiring!

Fort Wood Hotels in St. Robert Missouri is looking for the right people to join our team! With six lodging properties in our family of hotels, we know we can find the right hotel for you.  At Fort Wood Hotels we don't just hire employees, we hire people to join our family.  If you are in the market for a  job in St. Robert MO  or a  job in Fort Leonard Wood MO  areas that will give you the respect you deserve as an employee; Fort Wood Hotels is the place to  apply .  We know that if we treat our employees with respect and as part of our family, they will treat each guest with the same courtesy.  Read what positions we have available and why you should apply.   Join Our Fort Wood Hotels Family! If you are in search of a job that will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are part of one big family, we encourage you to apply today.  At Fort Wood Hotels we offer great brands in a great location. This is only possible with our family of employees that provide top

Ways To Save When Traveling This Holiday Season

Holidays are here and that means traveling to visit family is a must!  This time of year costs start to add up between buying presents, extra food for family gatherings and traveling costs.  Here at Fort Wood Hotels, we have a few ways to save money when traveling this holiday season. If you are in search for a  hotel in the St. Robert, MO  area or a  hotel in the Fort Leonard Wood, MO  area, Fort Wood Hotels has you covered.  Don't stress trying to cram into a relative's house this holiday, stay with us!  With six top-notch properties to choose from, we can cover all your needs and budget.  Whether you are traveling with a friend, solo, with family or anyone at all, we have a few ways you can save you money when traveling this holiday season. Be Flexible On Dates and Book Direct Be flexible when choosing your travel dates. Rooms may be cheaper if you are willing to visit a few days before or after a holiday. Don't spend time looking at third-party sites to try

5 Ways You Can Honor A Veteran!

Fort Wood Hotels proudly supports the United States Military. Our organization appreciates the sacrifice our military personnel and their families give to allow us to have the freedoms we enjoy every day. All six of our lodging properties are minutes from the Fort Leonard Wood Military Post, which allows us to be reminded daily what these soldiers go through to protect our freedoms. As we serve the families that come to stay at our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood , we know it is our duty to THANK them for not only their family members sacrifice but theirs as well.  Once a soldier has served their country they are lucky enough to earn the name "VETERAN" .  It is our job to honor all veterans and what they have done for us.  In today's blog, we have 5 ways you can honor a veteran !    5 Ways You Can Honor A Veteran Attend A Veteran's Event .  There are so many great events to honor our Veterans. One way you can honor veterans is to simply show support

Make Plans To Visit Your Soldier This Holiday Season!

Holidays are just around the corner and there is no better way to spend the holidays than with family. Make plans this holiday season to visit your favorite soldier in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri .   Soldiers in the training program will have a couple weeks off around Christmas, so make the most of it by staying close to your soldier.   Fort Leonard Wood Military Post   is only minutes away from our family of hotels, making our hotels the perfect lodging choice when staying for the holidays .    Our  hotels in St. Robert, MO  are only a short 3-minute drive to  nearby Fort Leonard Wood , minutes from downtown  Waynesville  and the historic  Route 66 , making it the perfect choice to stay for the holidays!    Fort Wood Hotels  has six hotel options to choose from when you need a  hotel near Fort Leonard Wood, MO .  Many of our staff members have a military background, so they make sure every military family feels at home when staying at any of our properties.  You will not find high