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A Scenic Tour You are Sure to Enjoy in Pulaski County

If you are looking for a great scenic tour to take in the Pulaski County area, you are in luck! We found an amazing one that we wanted to share with you. But fair warning, you may find yourself wanting to spend some extended time in the area when you do this tour. You can go to to find the interactive map and more details on each part of the tour. But to get an idea of some of the features you can see, just keep reading this blog to hear about 7 of them! The following photos and information are credited to . Sugar Bowls At one time this area was listed as one of Missouri’s “beauty spots” by the State Planning Commission. The Sugar Bowls are a rock formation on the Big Piney River aptly named because they are shaped like sugar bowls. Wooden Railroad Trestle Overlook This is a 1940s railroad bridge also called the Schoolhouse Bridge with a beautiful view overlooking the Big Pine