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Pulaski County's Year Round' Farmers Market!

Attending a farmers market is a great way to enjoy produce at the peak of freshness as well as purchase handmade products from community members. The Pulaski County Farmers Market operates year-round and is a great activity to enjoy whether you are local to the area or visiting Fort Leonard Wood . Read on to learn more about our local farmers market, Pulaski County Farmers Market! Pulaski County Farmers Market  When:  Open Every Saturday from 8:00am - 12:00pm rain or shine!  Where:  Farmer's Market Pavilion at the Roubioux Campground Waynesville, Missouri  Mission: Providing the area citizens with healthful locally grown foods by connecting the farmer to the consumer. What You'll Find at the Market  Everything is local! Fresh vegetables, and fruits in season, fresh-cut herbs, naturally raised meats including bison,    cage-free eggs, old fashioned soaps, natural bath & body care, handmade laundry soap, jams, honey, candied nuts, crafts and a large variety

5 Reasons to Stick With Your Exercise Routine While Away From Home

There are a multitude of reasons for traveling to Fort Leonard Wood - vacationing, visiting family, holidays, or business-related. Let’s face it when traveling it’s inevitable  that your normal schedule will be interrupted. Even if your schedule becomes out of place while you’re away from home, something we suggest you try and stick with while you’re away is your exercise routine! We know what you’re thinking – why would I want to work out while I’m away from home, it’s such a hassle? Read on to find out five compelling reasons we think you should stick with your exercise routine while you’re away from home.  #1 Gain Energy  If you already have an exercise routine established or you’ve at least exercised here and there, you know that the act of exercising your body gives you energy! Traveling can be exhausting and when you take the time to exercise (even if it’s just for 30 minutes) it may be just the energy burst you need to make it through your day!  #2 You Have the

Save Money on Lodging - Book Directly with Fort Wood Hotels!

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned traveler or you don't travel often, most agree that saving as much money as possible during your trip is a priority. Lodging expenses can eat up a big portion of your travel budget if you're not careful about how you book. Reward programs and loyalty programs are a great way to save money and earn points! If you travel often, you most likely use a hotel chain that has a rewards program that gives you points for every time you stay. At Fort Wood Hotels , we want to offer our guests the absolute highest quality hotels in Fort Leonard Wood at the best value! That's why we have five hotel brands to choose from! Each hotel brand offers its own loyalty program: IHG Rewards Club, Choice Privileges, Hilton Honors, and Marriott Bonvoy. We don't just stop with offering great rewards programs, we want to share with you how to maximize your rewards and save money by booking directly with our hotels instead of using a third-

Plan a Romantic Getaway or Staycation for Valentine's Day Weekend!

Has it been a while since you've gotten true alone time with your significant other? We have the perfect solution for you - plan a getaway or staycation for Valentine's Day! The best part is Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year, so why not take full advantage and make an entire weekend out of it! Fort Leonard Wood is the perfect location for relaxing all weekend or planning fun things to do together. Read on to learn more about planning your getaway with us! Skip the Chocolates and Flowers this Year!  Flowers and chocolates are a nice gesture but let's face it - they don't last long and the expense can add up quick! Save your money this year and plan a relaxing getaway instead. Enjoy a night out or even an entire weekend! Opt to order pizza in and relax or go out to a nice dinner. Either way, unlike the flowers and chocolates, the memories you make together will last a lifetime.  Staycation with Us!  Do you live in the Fort Leonard Area? N

7 New Year's Resolutions and Tips for Achieving Them!

It’s officially the new year and it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions if you haven’t already! This time of year, millions of people write down their goals and aspirations for the upcoming year in hopes to spark positive change in their life. Have you made your New Year’s Resolution list yet? It’s not too late to think about your goals for 2020 and today, Fort Wood Hotels not only has a list of popular resolutions for you to consider but also a few strategies for sticking with them. #1 Get in Shape/Lose Weight Losing weight and getting into shape is one of the top resolutions among Americans. Over a third of the population sets out to lose weight in the New Year. #2 Save Money  Another popular New Year's Resolution is to make a plan to save money. Whether you want to build long-term wealth, purchase a house, or simply not live paycheck to paycheck, making a plan to save money is a great resolution to make! #3 Travel More  Traveling is a great way to spend ti