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Take a Float Trip Down One of THREE Rivers Near FLW! Part 3 - Niangua River! 🌊🚣

 The great outdoors brings millions of visitors to the great state of Missouri every year! Enjoying the many waterways across Missouri is one of the top activities to enjoy and the Fort Leonard Wood Area offers our visitors three rivers all within thirty minutes! In the previous weeks, we featured The Big Piney River and the Gasconade River and this week we have one more river to feature - The Niangua! Read on to learn more about taking a float down the Niangua River!  Bennett Spring The most popular spot along the Niangua River is Bennett Spring State Park. Bennet Springs The valley that cradles Bennett Spring has created a place of peace and recreation that has welcomed generations of enthusiastic anglers. Bennett Spring State Park is one of Missouri’s earliest state parks and continues today to attract fishermen and nature lovers seeking to make new memories. Many floats along the river begin at Bennet Spring!   Where to Float  BYOK! (Bring your own kayak!)  Have your own kayaks an

Take a Float Trip Down One of THREE Rivers Near FLW! Part 2 - Gasconade River! 🌊🚣

The Missouri Ozarks is known for some beautiful rivers! Fort Leonard Wood is located within thirty minutes or less of three beautiful rivers. A top activity to enjoy along the riverways is to take a relaxing float down the river. Enjoy floating down the rivers in a kayak, canoe, or tube! If you are planning to visit the area over the summer, planning a float trip is a must! Last week in our blog, we featured The Big Piney River, and this week we would like to feature The Gasconade River! Photo Credit: The Gasconade River The Gasconade twists and turns for more than 65 miles through Pulaski County! You'll find plenty of picnic spots along the gravel bars and great swimming holes as well as places to relax along your journey!  Where to Float  BYOK! (Bring your own kayak!)  Have your own kayaks and want to set off on an adventure on your own? There are several places to put in your boat on the Gasconade River!  Mitschele Access Riddle Bridge Access Schl

Take a Float Trip Down One of THREE Rivers Near FLW! Part 1 - Big Piney River! 🌊🚣

 Our hotels in Fort Leonard Wood are situated in the Missouri Ozarks! Because of this, our visitors have ample activities to enjoy in the outdoors! One of the top activities to enjoy while you are here is to take a float down one of the three gorgeous rivers in our area! Just a short drive from our hotels, you'll find the Big Piney River, Gasconade River, and the Niangua River. With over 100 miles of Ozarks Mountain rivers in Pulaski County alone, you may be curious which river you should enjoy during your stay. This week in our blog we would like to feature The Big Piney River!   Photo Credit: An unhurried float down the Big Piney River is a memory journey you'll never forget! Enjoy breath-taking views of the Ozarks and enjoy a relaxing day on the water! Enjoy fishing, relaxing, bankside picnics, and plenty of Instagram-worthy pictures along your journey!  Big Piney River  The Big Piney River is known for being family-friendly and known for som

Employee Spotlight - Jo Ann McGrath: Operations Manager at Mainstay Suits!

Our incredible employees are what make us able to offer top-notch hospitality and service to our guests. They work hard to ensure guest satisfaction and stand by our mission: To Serve...Our Guests, Our Community, and Each Other! Today, we'd like to spotlight our Operations Manager of Mainstay Suites, Jo Ann McGrath! Read on to learn more about her work with Fort Wood Hotels as well as some things she's passionate about outside of work!  Jo Ann McGrath Operations Manager Mainstay Suites How did I get started with Fort Wood Hotels? Right after my husband passed away in June 2005 I needed a new job. My daughter had a friend that was helping Mainstay open and suggested that I apply for the front desk at Fort Wood Hotels. I had an interview at Comfort Inn and was hired a few days later and I have been with the company ever since. July will be my 16th year anniversary. What brought me to the St. Robert, Missouri area? The Army Stationed my father on Fort Leonard Wood where I was born

PaPPo's is Now OPEN in St. Robert! 🍕🍻

We are excited for the opening of a brand new restaurant in St. Robert, Mo - PaPPo's Pizza & Pub! The first PaPPo's location is in Springfield, MO it has quickly became a favorite among MSU students, winning the Best Pizza at eh Pizza Bowl! After opening at the Lake of the Ozarks, PaPPos won the Best Pizza at the Lake of the Ozarks in their first year! We are ecstatic to have this addition in our area and if you are looking for a delicious place to get a pizza made with fresh ingredients and a large selection of beer on tap, head to PaPPo's Pizza - they are officially open!   Photo Credit: PaPPo's A Message from PaPPo! "Here, in our kitchen, we will make HandCrafted PaPPo's Pizzas, Apps, Fresh Salads with all homemade dressings, Award Winning Wings, and of course our famous "Brown Butter" Chocolate Chip Cookies all for you with much care and love! At PaPPo's it's about choices. We have hand Tossed, Thin, Gluten-Free and Cauliflower Crust