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Picture Perfect Spring Road Trips - Part 1

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year around our area! What better excuse to see all the natural wonders around our affordable hotels in the Fort Leonard Wood area than to go on a road trip this Spring! As the leaves and flowers start to bloom, you'll love checking out these scenic road trips around Pulaski County! Riverside/Redding Roads 6.38 miles north of Lexington Road, Highway 17 Riverside and Redding roads are a dynamic duo combining for 6.3 miles to connect Highway 17 with T Highway. Just over a mile into the trip you will see the Gasconade River on your left. At 2.04 miles is Schlicht Springs Access. This area is named for early mill operator and resort owner John Schlicht. At 2.27 miles turn left to stay on Riverside Road. At 4.82 miles turn right onto Redding Road. At 5.10 miles you will see Bethlehem Baptist Church and Cemetery on your right. The rocked structure beckons photographers. This area was once called Flea Hollow, so named because the former church