The History Behind Fort Leonard Wood Military Base

Our family of hotels are the perfect place to stay when visiting the Mid-Missouri area.  Our properties are only a short drive to nearby Fort Leonard Wood which is the Crown Jewel of the US Army.  Fort Leonard Wood Missouri has lots of history that will keep any guest busy during their stay.  Whether you are visiting the area for Fort Leonard Wood Graduations or simply visiting to take in all the military history, Fort Wood Hotels is the place to stay!  Our blog today will feature the history behind Fort Leonard Wood Military Base and why it is worth the trip to the area to see such amazing military history.  

Fort Leonard Wood Military Base Begins

World War II was a period in time that changed America and its culture in many ways.  The leaders in our nation decided to increase the size of our armed forces to gain more leverage for the war.  This increase caused a change in Mid-Missouri. It brought change in the way of a new military base that would come to house many WWII Italian and German POW's.  Fort Leonard Wood Military Base is a United States Army installation located in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri with its southern main gate in St. Robert Missouri.  It began as a military base in 1940 to train infantry troops and soon became an engineer training post. Over the next 60 years, this base would become the home to many infantry military training programs. The post later took on training for the US Army Engineer, US Army Chemical Corps, and the US Army Military Police.

Step Back In Time And Enjoy The History At The US Army Museums

Check out our list of US Army Museums to visit while in the area and the best part is they are all three under the same roof and FREE of charge.  You can step back in time and see the impact our military has had on our country.  Each museum has their own gift shop to browse so you can have a keepsake to remember this full day of history.  As you arrive, you need to stop and grab a photo in front of The Berlin Wall.  This is a real piece of The Berlin Wall that is right outside of the museum's entrance and it is surely one artifact you will want to see for yourself.  Not many people realize this incredible piece of history is right here in Missouri. Before leaving, make sure you walk across the street and check out the military vehicles on display as well.  This is a full days worth of fun that will leave you walking away with more military knowledge than you arrived with. Read below to learn more about the US Army Chemical Corps MuseumUS Army Military Police Museum and the US Army Engineer Museum.  
US Army Chemical Corps Museum has exhibits ranging from WWI to present day.  This museum was established after WWI to preserve the cultural heritage of the Chemical Warfare Service at that time.  WWI was the first war that used chemical warfare as a huge component on the battlefield using it as a conventional weapon.  This museum has a collection of over 6,000 artifacts pertaining to the history of chemical, biological and radiological warfare. In addition to that this museum has hundreds of photographs and historical documents.  

US Army Military Police Museum is a federal museum with the history dating back to 1775. Major General Bandholtz is considered the founder of the Military Police Corps.  He established a permanent Military Police branch that set the foundation for the 1941 establishment of the Corps of Military Police making this one of the youngest branches in the US Army.  This museum honors Major General Bandholtz with several artifacts related to him and his efforts.  

US Army Engineer Museum is a federal museum, chartered through the United States Army.  Offering a variety of gallery displays including: WWII temporary mobilization buildings, the development of American Army engineering equipment, topographic engineering, landmine warfare, tactical bridging, special weapons and much more.  

This museum is the only museum that displays the atomic bomb replica along with a look at the military equipment used by this unit such as a vehicle some call "amphibian" that is able to go in water or land. 

Needed Items To Enter The Base

Just remember to have proper identification and documents in your vehicle because you are entering a military base.  When you arrive you will stop at the visitor center and get a day pass and you don't need to do anything prior to arriving.  This link will tell you what documents to take with you.

Fort Leonard Wood Military Base is a huge part of our community.  It serves as a home base for many of our active military and it is a huge part of history for our country.  We are proud to live in the same community and show off its rich history to our guests.  There are plenty of other area attractions but with the US Army being the crown jewel of Fort Leonard Wood, we wanted to highlight it as its own attraction.  

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