Top Ways To Simplify Your Travel

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week.  What better way to simplify your life than to simplify how you travel.  Taking a trip is fun and exciting but can be a lot of work in advance with some uncertainties along the way.  Fort Wood Hotels have a few tips on how to keep your trip stress free and simple.  Summer trips are where memories are made and families bond.  If you need a hotel in St. Robert Missouri, stay with us.  At Fort Wood Hotels we know the value of trips, so we have some top ways to simplify your travel.


Book Directly With Your Hotel   

Traveling can be a way to rejuvenate but sometimes preparing for your trip can be a bit overwhelming.  Don't let the planning process become stressful.  

Most travel is booked online.  We research online and then try to find the best deal.  This is convenient, but it can lead to uncertainties that can cause stress along the way.  One way we recommend simplifying your travel is to book directly with the hotel you are staying at.  

Let's say you book your hotel stay on a third-party site, arrive at the hotel only to find there is a problem with your reservation.  All of a sudden, your trip has turned upside down.  How does this happen?  Hotels have to upload their inventory to third-party sites and it is not always linked directly to their hotel reservation system.  Anytime, inventory is not synced 100%, it has a higher potential for mix-ups, overbookings, and situations to arise.  When booking with a third-party site, it will be almost impossible to get the situation fixed using their customer service, and they will encourage you to call the hotel directly.  Even though they encourage you to call the hotel directly, the hotel can't do much for the reservation on a third-party site. 

DON'T let this happen to you.  Book your stay with the hotel directly and make sure you get exactly what you want.  They can answer questions to get the right room to fit your needs and give you the same discounts you can find online.  Plus, they can answer any other travel-related questions you may have about the area. 

Don't Over Plan 

It is okay to research attractions, dining, and excursions but don't over plan.  Keep it simple by being flexible.  Make a list of top rated must-see items and then let each day play out.  One way to really explore an area is to talk to the locals once you arrive.  They can give you the best advice on the best places to see and eat.  Our helpful hotel staff can also give you information on the "must see" attractions in our area.  Most of the time these tips are not going to be found online.  

Traveling is meant to be a time to make memories but also rejuvenating.  Make sure you leave time to rest and enjoy the trip.  Leave the itinerary for your work week and relax on your trip.
Pack Smart 

We tend to overpack when we travel.  Travel light and you will realize it will feel simpler.  By packing smart, you have less to keep track of when traveling and less to put away after a trip.  Have enough items to get you by, but try to not pack more than you need.  If you need more items for your trip, you can buy it along the way.  

Simplify your life and travel with our travel tips.  Traveling should be an exciting experience starting with the planning process.  Don't get caught up with trying to overdo or overpack.  Keep it simple and keep your schedule flexible.  If you forget something, you can buy it.  Don't over think the trip and enjoy the journey.  


Whether you stay for a weekend or a week, we know you will have plenty to keep you busy. Plan your next great trip to St. Robert MO, and stay a few days. We have so much to see! Fort Wood Hotels has six different properties to choose from and we will find exactly what you need for your visit. Just make sure you choose one of our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood as your place to stay. Fort Wood Hotels has been serving guests and communities in and around the Fort Leonard Wood Missouri area since 1999. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that your stay is as special as the reason you are here. 

Staying for a day...a week...or a month?  We've got you covered!

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