Here's A Shout Out To Our One Year Employees!

At Fort Wood Hotels one of our main goals is to create a family environment for our employees.  This philosophy was established by Spike and Steve Ehrhardt, a father-son company that epitomizes success on a foundation of values, hard work, and treating employees fairlyFort Wood Hotels has Six Award Winning hotels in St. Robert MO ran by a team of top-notch staff members.  We have many exceptional employees that make our hotels stand out amongst its competitors with our "Ozark Hospitality".  Our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood MO operates at such a high level due to the dedication of our employees. We want to recognize our employees who have shown their dedication to Fort Wood Hotels in today's blog.  

“To serve…our guests, our community and each other.”  

This is the motto we abide by at our family of hotels.  At Fort Wood Hotels we don't just hire employees, we hire people to join our family.  We know that if we treat our employees with respect and as part of our family, they will treat each guest with the same courtesy. Our employees we are "THANKING" in today's blog demonstrate Fort Wood Hotels values each and every day.  Our values include:

We have a servant's attitude.
We believe in honesty above all, to all.
We seek to understand each other.
We do everything with energy and passion.
We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of all parts.
We are Award Winning Hotels!
We have fun!

All of us at Fort Wood Hotels would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the following employees who have been with our company for at least one year. You can hear from them what they love most about their job.  Thank you for making our team so great!

Alissa Sturdy
Front Desk Attendant at Hampton Inn

"The people  I work with is what I love about my job and I don't do the same thing every day.  I can also relate to the families just starting out with the military.  I can tell them it is going to be okay."

Ashley Woods
Housekeeping at Liberty Lodge

"I like my job because it keeps me moving all the time.  I come from working at a nursing home and I believe everything you do, you should do with a passion.  Never have a negative attitude.  Boss tells me you have 66 rooms to clean again, I say OK with a smile."

Carla Ogungbayi
Front Desk Attendant at Fairfield Inn

DeQuawn DeBerry
Front Desk Attendant at Liberty Lodge

Destiny Figueroa
Housekeeping at MainStay Suites

" I love the satisfaction of doing a good job and making the guests happy.  This is my first job and I am moving up to become a trainer.  I like meeting and training the new people and trying to make them the best they possibly can be."

Douglas Lippert
Front Desk Attendant at MainStay Suites

"I get to meet all kinds of people.  It is cool to work with the International Students staying at our hotel.  I like working with people and our long-term guests.  I get to interact with them more."

Kimberly Coulter
Front Desk and Breakfast Attendant at Comfort Inn

"I love working for this place.  I enjoy my co-workers and the new people I meet. It's an exciting job."

Melody Samuel
Front Desk Attendant at Candlewood Suites

"I like working for an extended stay where I get to know my guests."

Rodney Johnson Jr.
Front Desk Attendant at Candlewood Suites

Steven Tomlinson
Housekeeping at Fairfield Inn

Thomas Sims
Housekeeping at Comfort Inn

"Amy and Janel (my managers) are awesome! That is why I love this job."

Zoey Mort
Front Desk Attendant at Comfort Inn

"We have an awesome crew.  I'm good at my job, I didn't think I'd like it, but I love selling rooms.  I didn't know working in a hotel would be so good for me. It is a good place to work and that makes the work worth it.  I also like keeping things clean!  My broom is always in my hand."


Fort Wood Hotels has a great team and if you are in search of a job that will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are part of one big family, we encourage you to apply today.  At Fort Wood Hotels we offer great brands in a great location. This is only possible with our family of employees that provide top-notch hospitality.  You will not find higher quality hotels at a better value in our area. Our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood and staff consistently earn top awards, and our unbeatable guest satisfaction speaks volumes about our commitment to you. We listen to our guests and respond to their needs. We absolutely guarantee satisfaction. It all comes back to offering hometown hospitality and giving the guests what they need.  


Whether you stay for a weekend or a week, we know you will have plenty to keep you busy. Plan your next great trip to St. Robert MO, and stay a few days. We have so much to see! Fort Wood Hotels has six different properties to choose from and we will find exactly what you need for your visit. Just make sure you choose one of our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood as your place to stay. Fort Wood Hotels has been serving guests and communities in and around the Fort Leonard Wood Missouri area since 1999. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that your stay is as special as the reason you are here. 

Staying for a day...a week...or a month?  We've got you covered!

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