5 Ways You Can Honor A Veteran!

Fort Wood Hotels proudly supports the United States Military. Our organization appreciates the sacrifice our military personnel and their families give to allow us to have the freedoms we enjoy every day. All six of our lodging properties are minutes from the Fort Leonard Wood Military Post, which allows us to be reminded daily what these soldiers go through to protect our freedoms. As we serve the families that come to stay at our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood, we know it is our duty to THANK them for not only their family members sacrifice but theirs as well.  Once a soldier has served their country they are lucky enough to earn the name "VETERAN".  It is our job to honor all veterans and what they have done for us.  In today's blog, we have 5 ways you can honor a veteran!   

5 Ways You Can Honor A Veteran

  • Attend A Veteran's Event.  There are so many great events to honor our Veterans. One way you can honor veterans is to simply show support by showing up. Attending events held in their honor demonstrates that the community appreciates their sacrifice. It is important to bring children when attending these events, so they can understand the importance of what these veterans have sacrificed for our country. While there, ask them their story and truly listen. They have been through a lot, and it is a good reminder of why it is important to support what they have done for us.

  • Hang Your American Flag Proudly In Your Yard.  This is one of the simplest ways we can honor veterans. Showing our support of our country is a great way to show we care about what they have done for us. Just make sure when you display your flag and care for your flag, you are doing it properly.  This display of patriotism goes a long way with our veterans.  

  • Donate To Veteran Organizations.  It is truly a sacrifice for our military to serve our country. Once they are honorably discharged many need additional services to help them adjust to civilian life. Donate to organizations that help veterans.  There are so many to choose from whether you decide to support a disabled veterans program or donating to a local cause. It doesn't matter what program you choose, your donation will go a long way in helping our veterans. 

  • Offer Free or Discounted Products To Veterans.  If you own a business, consider offering discounts or free products to veterans.  If you don't own a business, support local businesses that currently offer this program to veterans. It is a small way to show appreciation and it is the least we can do as a community to show our veterans we are thankful for all they have done for us! If you happen to be at a business, and you notice a veteran, you can even pay for their purchase. You can do it discreetly or thank them as you pay, either way, it is one small way to honor them for their service.

  • Visit A Local VA or Military Hospital.  Show your support by visiting those in the VA or military hospital. Visiting a hospital with thank you cards, small gifts is a great way to honor a veteran. Many times a friendly smile and small talk is all they need to turn their day around. Not to mention, they have so many great stories to tell, so take it in as you learn history from someone that has served first hand.   
Honoring those that have served our country is a privilege.  We need to take time not only this Veteran's Day but every day all year round to thank those that have served to defend our freedoms.  Veteran's Day is a great time to stop and be reminded that others gave their time for all of us.  Take time this holiday to honor a Veteran!

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