Gift Ideas For Your Deployed Soldier!

The holidays are here and Fort Wood Hotels would like to share a few gift ideas for your deployed soldier. There is no better way to show your favorite soldier you are thinking of them while they are deployed than a thoughtful gift. These gift ideas are great gifts for the holidays but can be sent any time of year to show your love. Let's face it, being away from family during the holidays is a huge sacrifice, so the least we can do is cheer them up with a thoughtful gift. If you have a soldier going through the Fort Leonard Wood Basic Training program, these gifts can be a great gift for them as well. Check out a few of our gift ideas for your deployed soldier. 

Gift Ideas For Your Deployed Soldier

  • Entertainment Items- Help your soldier pass the time with something they love. Send books, magazines, movies, games, cards and local newspapers. If your budget allows, iPod with their favorite music could be a nice surprise.  If you really want to send a nice gift, consider media noise-canceling headphones. This can help during travel or downtime. If those are out of your budget, consider Bluetooth earbuds. These are great and can really help while they watch those precious home videos you send. Bluetooth speakers are always a nice gift for them to relax with their favorite music. Just make sure you get one that is durable. Small tablets are also great gifts for your soldier to be able to watch their favorite show or movie to pass time. If you soldier already has a tablet, consider a subscription to Netfix or another similar program. 

  • Favorite Treat- You know your family member best and what their favorite treat might be. A treat from home is a great way to surprise them with a package packed with what they love. Make sure they are non-perishable. Food ideas could include, crackers, cookies, candies, nuts, trail mixes, jerky, energy bars, granola bars. Don't forget to include drink powdered mixes such as hot cocoa, tea bags, lemonade, iced tea or any flavoring packets.  

  • Personal Items- Even though your soldier may have taken personal items when they left, they may need a new stock. Gifts like body wash, lip balm, IcyHot, socks, foot powder, baby wipes, sunscreen, deodorant, sunglasses, a good flashlight, backpack to store these awesome items and if you really want to show your love send a nice pillow.  Hand sanitizer is also another great gift for your soldier to take with them as they go out on the field to work. You can also give the gift of Amazon Prime so they can order any personal items they need while away. 

  • Personal Gifts- Nothing beats a personal gift to show your love. Personal notes, letters, videos of special occasions can make them feel more connected with home. You can send these easily on a USB drive or Facetime your soldier during the events if time allows. If you have children, a great idea is to record a storybook for them to send their parent. Nothing beats hearing your child's voice to make you feel at home. Recruit family and friends to send lots of notes and cards during the holidays so they have lots of mail to open. This is a small but really special gift for anyone deployed.  

Visit Your Soldier at Fort Leonard Wood

Of course, there is nothing better than seeing your soldier in person. If your family member is deployed overseas, visiting them is not an option this holiday season. However, if you have family at Fort Leonard Wood, make sure you visit your soldier to give the ultimate gift. Fort Wood Hotels can help you make your trip effortless. 
 You can visit one website, to check out all of our six properties and compare them to see which one is the right fit for your budget and needs. With many lodging options ranging from a hotel room to a full kitchen suite, we have you covered.  With Fort Wood Hotels, you can still make your family favorite dish or dessert while on the road.  

Let us help you make planning your next trip to the area as easy as possible. With six different lodging options to choose from, we have price points to fit anyone's budget.  If you need to stay one night, we have you covered.  If you need to stay a couple of days, no problem.  If you would like to make a week out of visiting the area, we can certainly do that as well.  We can work with you to make coming to the area as easy as possible for you and your family. 

You will not find higher quality hotels at a better value in our area. Our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood and staff consistently earn top awards, and our unbeatable guest satisfaction speaks volumes about our commitment to you.  It all comes back to offering hometown hospitality and giving the guests what they need.  Offering many options to fit anyone's needs, we know one of our properties will be the perfect home away from home when visiting your soldier at Fort Leonard WoodVisit to book your next stay with us!

Staying for a day...a week...or a month?  We've got you covered!

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