The History Of The U.S. Army!

The United States Army is a vital part of our community and for our nation. The rich history behind this military branch is a huge part of our success in becoming a democratic nation. Fort Wood Hotel's lodging properties are located near Fort Leonard Wood, making us close to the Crown Jewel of the US Army in Missouri.  Since, we have strong ties to the Army, we thought we would review the history of the United States Army in today's blog. Whether you are visiting the area for Fort Leonard Wood Graduations or simply visiting to take in all the military history, Fort Wood Hotels is the place to stay!  Our blog today will feature the history behind the United States Army.  

United States Army Begins

The United States Army is older than the country it serves. It was created to help gain independence from the British, in 1775. The American Revolutionary War was a turning point in our nation's history. The British Army was invading and to gain our independence, a land-based military force needed to be established. In 1775, the United States Army was formed by The Second Continental Congress and led by Commander In Chief, George Washington. The formation of this military force resulted in victory and independence for America. The U.S. Army then became a leading force in the War of 1812 led by Lewis and Clark, as well as, The Mexican War in 1846. During The Mexican War, several Army Officers would become important figures in American history. During the World Wars, the United States Army created several important Army branches. They include the Veterinarian Corps, the Chemical Corps, and the Aviation Section. The Aviation Section was the precursor to the Air Force. World War II was the war that created even more milestones in the Army, which was the Office of Strategic Services, which is now the CIA. World War II also led to the creation of the Fort Leonard Wood Army Post, which is minutes away from our family of hotels.  

Fort Leonard Wood Military Post Begins

World War II was a period in time that changed America and its culture in many ways.  The leaders in our nation decided to increase the size of our armed forces to gain more leverage for the war.  This increase caused a change in Mid-Missouri. It brought change in the way of a new military post that would come to house many WWII Italian and German POW's.  Fort Leonard Wood Military Post is a United States Army installation located in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri with its southern main gate in St. Robert Missouri.  It began as a military post in 1940 to train infantry troops and soon became an engineer training post. Over the next 60 years, this base would become the home to many infantry military training programs. The post later took on training for the US Army Engineer, US Army Chemical Corps, and the US Army Military Police.

The U.S. Army Today

Now the United States Army has over one million active soldiers, and over 800,000 in Army Reserve. There are so many soldiers serving in the Army that if it was a city it would be the 10th largest in the United States, making it the second largest employer in our country. There is no doubt that the U.S. Army has paved a path in American history. In addition to domestic bases, the Army has bases in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. They also have troops as needed in other countries as well. Fort Leonard Wood Military Post is a huge part of our community.  It serves as a home base for many of our active military and it is a huge part of history for our country.  We are proud to live in the same community and show off its rich history to our guests. 

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