5 Tips for Traveling with Kids Over the Holidays

We are getting closer and closer to holiday travel. Over 100 million Americans travel during the holidays and if you're one of them, Fort Wood Hotels has some travel tips to keep in mind when traveling over the holidays with kids. Read on to find out how to have a great time during your travels.

#1 Make Activity Bags for Each Kid

You'll want to find ways to keep the kids entertained on the trip to lessen the complaints of boredom. Create an activity bag for each kid. Have a book, electronic, toy, or anything that your child enjoys. This can be different for each kid but remember to put each kid's items in their own easy to carry bag. Don't use one bag for all the toys.  It will lead to fighting and create more chaos. We recommend small backpacks for each kid. Then, you can also use this same bag of activities when you go to restaurants while on your trip. The small backpack can fit right on each kid's back, so less for you to carry. It is a win-win for everyone!

#2 Pack Plenty of Snacks 

Let's face it, it never fails that kids don't want to eat during meal times and then insist that they are hungry after you've already stopped. Pack plenty of snacks for between mealtimes. Convenient store snacks can be costly and often not the most healthy choice. Check out one of our ideas below. 

Utilize Sandwich Containers 

Sandwich containers are the perfect size to pack quick easy snacks in. Cut a banana in half, put some trail mix in a muffin cup, pack some cookies, grapes, pretzels, cheese, or whatever your kid's favorite snacks are. Sandwich containers make it easy to offer a variety of snacks without having the hassle of getting our multiple containers. 

#3 Pack a Bag of Essentials 

Be sure to pack a bag of essentials and keep it close by. Pack things like baby wipes, a change of clothes for young kids, money for toll roads, hand sanitizer, headphones, and anything else you that you need easy access to. Having easy access to these items can avoid excessive stopping and keep your trip on schedule. 

#4 Leave Room for Presents 

Don't forget that you will need extra room for gifts that you will be taking along with you. We often think about our luggage but you may need to pack a little lighter to account for gifts. Plus, you'll be bringing gifts home with you as well.

#5 Pencil in Time for Holiday Traffic 

If you've got a time commitment to get to your destination, don't forget to pencil in time for holiday traffic. With over 100 million people traveling, you're bound to run into some traffic so plan accordingly. 

Book your Stay at Fort Wood Hotels! 

The car ride has the potential to be one of the best places to make memories! These tips can make your trip fun for all ages. Whether you stay a weekend or a week we know you will have plenty to keep you busy. If you haven't booked your stay for the holidays, it's not too late but you will want to book very soon. Just make sure you choose one of our hotels near Fort Leonard Wood as your place to stay. Fort Wood Hotels has been serving guests and communities in and around the Fort Leonard Wood Missouri area since 1999. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that your stay is as special as the reason you are here. Happy holidays from all of us at Fort Wood Hotels!

Staying for a day...a week...or a month?  We've got you covered!

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