5 Reasons to Stick With Your Exercise Routine While Away From Home

There are a multitude of reasons for traveling to Fort Leonard Wood - vacationing, visiting family, holidays, or business-related. Let’s face it when traveling it’s inevitable  that your normal schedule will be interrupted. Even if your schedule becomes out of place while you’re away from home, something we suggest you try and stick with while you’re away is your exercise routine! We know what you’re thinking – why would I want to work out while I’m away from home, it’s such a hassle? Read on to find out five compelling reasons we think you should stick with your exercise routine while you’re away from home. 

#1 Gain Energy 

If you already have an exercise routine established or you’ve at least exercised here and there, you know that the act of exercising your body gives you energy! Traveling can be exhausting and when you take the time to exercise (even if it’s just for 30 minutes) it may be just the energy burst you need to make it through your day! 

#2 You Have the Fitness Center – Take Advantage of It! 

When you stay with us at Fort Wood Hotels, all five of our hotels offer our guests a fitness center! We make it easy for you to stick with your routine and just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your fitness goals/health and wellness. Simply put on your gym clothes, head down to the gym and then back up to your comfortable room for a shower and to get ready for the day or for bed. 

#3 Don’t Lose Momentum 

When you take a break from your exercise routine, getting back in the groove can sometimes be difficult. Taking a trip away from home and not exercising can cause you to lose that momentum you’ve worked so hard for. When you stick to your exercise routine while you’re away, getting back to your normal routine when you get back is much easier. 

#4 Alone Time 

If you’re traveling with your family, friends, or co-workers, you may not be used to spending so much time together without a break. Sometimes you just need a break and some quiet time – and that’s okay! Exercising is a great way to get away for a few minutes of much needed quiet time. 

#5 Improve Your Mood 

Have you ever noticed that exercising can improve your mood? During exercise, your body produces extra endorphins and those endorphins can help to improve your mood. Starting or ending your day with a mood enhancer can improve the quality of your trip. 

Book Your Stay at Fort Wood Hotels! 

There you have it – five reasons to stick with your exercise routine while you’re away from home! When you book your lodging accommodations with us at our hotels in St. Robert, Mo our fitness centers make it easy to take a break to exercise! If you’re planning a trip to Fort Leonard Wood, we hope you’ll consider staying with us. We are absolutely committed to providing our guest with the best hotel stay. We stand by our mission to serve our guests, our community, and each other!  

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