Successful Night of Fundraising for Fort Wood Community Spouses' Club

This past weekend, Fort Wood Community Spouses' Club held their Annual Fundraiser. Fort Wood Hotels supports this event every year. This year, they added a new event to raise funds - Derby Horse Racing! To participate in the Derby, we were required to create our own horse for the race! We decided to include the Waynesville High School and asked the High School Art Teacher to choose a student to help us with the task. Read on to learn more about this incredible organization and what the Waynesville Art Teacher and Student had to say about this project.

About Fort Wood Comunity Spouses' Club

The Fort Wood Community Spouses' Club (FWCSC) is a private organization designed to benefit families of its members, by giving back to the community & raising and distributing funds through outreach and scholarship funds.
  • Our mission is to provide fun and fellowship while giving back to our community.
  • Our purpose is to bring members of kindred interest together in order that they may be afforded greater opportunity for charitable works and sociable participation in a variety of activities and projects.

Teacher, Ronni Jeter - Waynesville High School 

Why did I choose this project?

I choose projects based on art concepts and techniques students need to learn and be able to use. This project was a great way to get the student to think about both traditional and contemporary use of art media. It also allowed us to work with a community business to bring art to life in a real-world situation.

What does this type of project teach students?

This type of project teaches students about being creative while also sticking to some guidelines. It also teaches them to think of client identity and what will best represent the business they are designing the artwork for. Students have to take into consideration these client details while using their personal creative and expressive style in the work. It also allows students the opportunity to work through the design process from planning to the final creation of the art piece.

How was this student’s focus and drive during this project?

Having a set deadline and a specific business client helped the student stay focused on being productive every day. Progress is not the only thing it helped the student focus on. Craftsmanship was another area the student had to be aware of and this helped the student make sure the artwork was well designed, executed and that the end result looked great!

Short Bio of Art Teacher 

Ronni Jeter is an art teacher at Waynesville High School with 22 years of teaching experience. She has been working with WHS students for 12 years teaching classes such as Exploring Art, Design, and Drawing and Painting. She enjoys working with all media but especially oil pastels and watercolors. The best part of her job is “sharing creative experiences with the students.” She lives on a cattle farm in Hazelgreen Missouri with her husband who also teaches for the Waynesville R-6 School District. 

Student, Savannah Ryan - Waynesville High School Senior  

What did you like most about this project?

I liked how I was able to develop my own creation.

What did you learn from the project?

I learned that using different materials can make it difficult to create your ideas.

How did you decide what direction to take in decorating the horse?

I decided to go realistic because I absolutely love creating realistic compositions.

Short Bio of Student

Savannah Ryan is a senior in high school. When she has extra time she is creating art compositions. She plans to get certified as a tattoo artist after graduating from Waynesville High School in May. Her family is always helping her develop her art career by buying her media and materials for her compositions. She says, “the support of my family is a great help.”

Fort Wood Hotels Gives Back! 

Our Purpose at Fort Wood Hotels is To Serve...Our Guests, Our Community, and Each Other! We want to do everything we can to help and serve our community. If you have an organization that you represent that is looking for sponsorship, visit our website and complete a short form about your organization and your sponsorship request. We do believe in community sponsorship and we try to support as many community activities as possible. 

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