DIY Fun At-Home Games for Kids Part 1 - Scavenger Hunt

Not sure what day it is anymore and searching for fun things to keep the kids occupied at home? Our hotels in St.Robert, MO want to help all the parents that are trying to keep the kids entertained. With a little creativity you may not realize just how many fun and easy activities you can do at home with common items you probably already have laying around the house. One of the easiest activities to put together is to create a scavenger hunt for your kids! Read on to get a few ideas and lists for scavenger hunt ideas. Choose your favorite one, print it out or write it out and the kids could be entertained for hours.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt 

This is a fantastic idea if you’re teaching young kids colors. Even if your kids are older, this is still a fun scavenger hunt.

🌈 Find something red

🌈 Find something orange

🌈 Find something yellow 

🌈 Find something green 

🌈 Find something blue 

🌈 Find something purple 

📚 Book Scavenger Hunt 📚

Do your kids love to read? Send them on a book scavenger hunt! 

📖 Find a book with animals
📖 Find someone helping someone in a book
📖 Find your favorite book
📖 Find the word spring
📖 Find a pet in a book
📖 Find a bike in a book
📖 Find a picture of a sun
📖 Find someone eating in a book
📖 Find your favorite season in a book 

🌳 Backyard Scavenger Hunt 🌳

The weather has been warming up and getting outside of the house is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. 

☀️ Find 4 different leaves
☀️ Find a flower
☀️ Find something that smells good
☀️ Find a rock that is shaped like something
☀️ Find a bug
☀️ Name a cloud that looks like an object
☀️ Find 3 sticks 

🌼 Spring Scavenger Hunt 🌼

Spring is here! Go on a spring scavenger hunt! 

🌸 Find a flower
🌸 Find 2 birds
🌸 Find something that crawls
🌸 Find a spiderweb
🌸 Find something that flies
🌸 Find something green 

🍃  Nature Scavenger Hunt 🍃

🌿 Fine a pinecone
🌿 Find a long stick
🌿 Find a short stick
🌿 Find a flower
🌿 Find a weed that looks like a flower
🌿 Find a spiderweb
🌿 Find 5 different leaves
🌿 Find a tree stump 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

For a rainy or cold day, do an indoor scavenger hunt that is just as fun! 

🏡 Find a spoon
🏡 Find a role of toilet paper
🏡 Find a newspaper
🏡 Find a coupon
🏡 Find a rubber band
🏡 Find a sock that doesn’t have a match
🏡 Find an envelope
🏡 Find something with wheels
🏡 Find a sticker
🏡 Find a band-aid
🏡 Find something soft
🏡 Find a card with a note in it 

Have Fun - Get Others Involved! 

Do one scavenger hunt or do them all! We hope you find these scavenger hunts are a fun way to keep the kids entertained. Feel free to print this blog out to make putting on your scavenger hunt easy. Although you may not be able to spend time with other family members and friends, why not invite them in on the fun! Share this blog post with them and decide on a time to begin the scavenger hunt. Make it a race and send pictures of your findings to the other participants. The first family team to send all the items first wins! What a fun way to stay connected even when you’re stuck at home. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post from Fort Wood Hotels for more fun actives to enjoy at home.

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