In Your Honor - Fort Wood Hotels Veterans - A Tribute to Veteran's Day

Veterans Day is observed on November 11th. At Fort Wood Hotels, we believe it is important to show appreciation and honor our members of the military, both past, and present. Veterans Day is a special day to celebrate and honor our American Hero's for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve. With Veterans Day quickly approaching, we wanted to pay a special tribute to our Veterans who are employed with us at Fort Wood Hotels. In the upcoming weeks leading up to Veterans Day, we plan to recognize our Veterans! Read on to learn more about Lamberto Figueroa (Fig) and Juan Cotto! 

Lamberto Figueroa (Fig), Maintenance Engineer at Hampton Inn

1) Dates In The Military


2) Branch of Service 

 U.S. Army

3) What Locations Did You Serve and What Units/Positions Did You Hold? 

Retired at the rank of Sergeant First Class/SFC (E-7)
Positions/MOS: 11 Bravo and 74 Delta
9 Total Deployments

4) What Did You Enjoy About the Military and/or What Did you Learn While in the Military?

 I enjoyed the comradery and learning to surpass your perceived limitations.

Juan Cotto, Guest Services Manager at Comfort Inn 

1)  Dates in the Military

From 9 September 1988 to 30 June 2010

2) Branch of Service

U.S. Army

3) What Locations Did You Serve and What Units/Positions Did You Hold? 

a. 26th Support Group, Heidelberg, Germany - PVT to SPC/ Interior Electrician

b. 43rd Engineer Battalion, Ft Benning, Georgia – SPC/ Interior Electrician

c. 52nd Engineer Battalion, Ft Carson, Colorado – SPC to CPL/ Team leader

d. Beaumont Recruiting Battalion, Porth Artur, Texas – CPL/ Administration NCO

e. 1/210 Aviation Battalion, Ft Rucker, Alabama- CPL to SGT/ Range Control Maintenance NCOIC

f. 94th Engineer Battalion, Vilseck, Germany – SGT/ Assistant Squad Leader

g. 46th Engineer Battalion, Ft Rucker, Alabama – SGT to SSG/ Squad Leader

h. 169th Engineer Battalion, Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri – SSG/ Instructor - Writer for Electricians and Combat Training

i. 1st Engineer Brigade, Ft Leonard Wood – SSG/ Inspector for the Department of Military Engineers and Inter-Services (Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guards)

j. 94th Engineers, Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri - SSG to SFC/ Platoon Sergeant, Battalion Senior Engineer Projects and Contracts Inspector

4) What Did you Enjoy About the Military? 

I got to travel and see different parts of the world, the comradery among the people in your unit, and the fact that I got to help different people around the world on times when they were going through hard situations in their lives.

5. What Did you Learn While in the Military? 

I learned responsibility, hard work, accountability of your actions, teamwork, pride, and the sense to value what I’m given in my personal life, my family, and friends.

Honor a Veteran this Veterans Day!

As American citizens, we believe it is extremely important to take the time to honor and pay a tribute to our Veterans! If you are looking for a way to honor a Veteran in your life, or pay a tribute to Veterans everywhere, there are many ways you can do so! Consider taking a Veteran out to lunch, thank a Veteran you see in public or thank them on social media, donate to a local Veterans organization, or even just simply give them a call to thank them for their service. 

Thank You From Fort Wood Hotels! 

We are proud of all of the Veterans that work for us at Fort Wood Hotels and we can't thank them enough for their selfless sacrifice to serve our country. 

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