In Your Honor - Fort Wood Hotels Veterans - A Tribute to Veteran's Day

Veterans Day will take place on November 11th! At Fort Wood Hotels we believe it is important to honor our Military Heros. We are fortunate enough to have Veterans employed with us at Fort Wood Hotels. In the weeks leading up to Veterans Day, we would like to honor those incredible employees and thank them for their service! This week we would like to honor Fran Schmadel and Joseph Rodriguez!

Frank Schmadel, Driver, MainStay Suites

1. Dates served in the Military

Aug 1985- Nov 2013

2) Branch of Service

U.S. Army, Infantry

3) What Locations Did You Serve and What Units/Positions Did You Hold?

 South Korea, Fort Riley, Fort Campbell, Hawaii, Fort Drum, Fort Leonardwood, Alaska and Fort Carson also Desert Shield/Storm in 1990/91, and Iraq.

4) What Did You Enjoy About the Military and/or What Did you Learn While in the Military?

Things I enjoyed, the Brother and Sisterhood that I have developed. Going to different countries and learning the different cultures and food and drinking the beer...and what happens TDY stays TDY can't talk about that..(smile-smile)...military joke. When becoming a leader teaching the younger Soldiers and watching them grow.

Oh, and can't forget me being an Infantryman...learning to kill someone in 100 different ways. So that makes me kind of like Rambo but

Joseph Rodriguez, Guest Service Representative, MainStay Suites

1) Dates In The Military

I joined in August of 1990 (Just Graduated in July-I joined over a girl and gave up a wrestling scholarship-YEAH!) and got an early out in November of 2008.

2) Branch of Service 

U.S. Army. 

I was an Engineer (Madman with Dynamite)

3) What Locations Did You Serve and What Units/Positions Did You Hold? 

 I was stationed in Germany, Fort Stewart GA, FLW (2x!), Korea, Desert Storm, OIF, Operation Bright Star, Kosovo, Bosnia, France, Belgium, Somalia. I have been a Dumbo private to a Goofy platoon sergeant.

4) What Did You Enjoy About the Military and/or What Did you Learn While in the Military?

The question "What you enjoyed about the military and/or What you learned while in the military" is a long, and winding road. I enjoyed being around soldiers. The brotherhood is a powerful one; especially in combat. The only people that can understand this, I'm sorry to say, are those that lived it.

That a group of soldiers who are brought together, for a time where you may never see or experience again, is extremely powerful and humbling. I have served with some of the bravest and noblest individuals that the "outside world" can barely begin to comprehend.

I learned from everyone. The skills I have acquired were learned from some of the best leaders I have been fortunate enough to have. I use these on a daily basis, and it helps to keep me grounded in these trying times.

One of my favorite quotes:

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”- C.K. Chesterton

Thank You From Fort Wood Hotels! 

We are proud of all of the Veterans that work for us at Fort Wood Hotels and we can't thank them enough for their selfless sacrifice to serve our country. 

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