Post Engagement Checklist!

The holidays are right around the corner which means it's engagement season! If you have a suspicion that you might be getting engaged over the holidays, you may be wondering what happens after the big surprise! There are many things to think about and things to do and it can be overwhelming. Read on to get a handy post-engagement checklist! 

#1 Enjoy the Moment! 

It's easy to get caught up in the moment and start going into planning mode. Take some time to enjoy the day with your new fiance! 

#2 Call Your Family and Close Friends

After you've enjoyed the moment, it's time to call the ones you love if they were not apart of the engagement. Sharing the news either by phone or in-person is best. Close family and friends don't want to find out via social media or word of mouth from someone else.

#3 Manicure Time!

Even if your nails weren't perfect for the engagement, it's not too late to get that manicure! Your hands will be in the spotlight for the next few weeks and a manicure will make your new ring shine. 

#4 Celebrate 

Now that you've announced your engagement it's time to celebrate. Consider going out to dinner or throwing a small party to celebrate with those who are close to you. Everyone will want to hear the engagement story and a get together is a great way to share. 

#5 Get Your Ring Sized 

Unless your fiance already knew your size, then you will want to go to the jeweler to get it sized properly. You want your ring to be comfortable and if it's too big you won't want to risk losing it. 

#6 Make a Budget 

Wedding expenses can start to add up quickly. It's important to set a budget early so you can determine your priorities and not overspend unintentionally. 

#7 Decide on Your Wedding Size 

Talk with your fiance about how big you want your wedding. Do you want everyone you know there or is a small intimate ceremony more your style? You will need to know this before you start booking vendors etc.

#8 Start Planning! 

After the excitement calms down, it's time to start planning! You will want to set a date first because the day you get married will determine many things such as vendors, venue, wedding attire, and more! Here is a start to what you will need to start booking. Event vendors book quickly, so it's important to get everything booked early. 

  • Venue 
  • Catering 
  • Floral 
  • Decorating 
  • Wedding Planner (if you choose) 
  • Bridal Party 
  • Lodging for out of town guests 
  • Wedding Attire 
  • Honeymoon arrangements 
  • Order invites 
  • Hair and makeup artists 

Book Your Lodging with Fort Wood Hotels! 

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life! Whether you are already engaged or will be in the future. If you are going to have a lot of out-of-town guests attend your wedding, it's important to book your lodging early to ensure availability. Fort Wood Hotels has five top-notch hotels in St. Robert, MO and we'd love to host your family. Congrats on the engagement and enjoy the holiday season! 

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