MoDOT Weather App - Get the Info for Road Conditions - FWH Offers Inclement Weather Discounts!

Winter weather is in full swing across Missouri. If you've lived in Missouri for any amount of time, you know how unpredictable the weather can be when comes to freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. When winter weather hits, the roads can get slick - fast! Even our major Interstate 44 can be hazardous to drivers in a short amount of time. The best way to find out the road conditions across Missouri is to utilize the MoDOT Traveler Information Map App! Learn more about this handy tool and about our inclement weather discount at Fort Wood Hotels

Missouri Department of Transportation - Traveler Information Map App 

MoDOT offers an interactive app that shows the current road conditions across the major roads in Missouri. In addition to road conditions for ice/snow, you can get the latest information for work zones, flooding, and road incidents right on your mobile device. 

The MoDOT Traveler Information app makes it easy to know whether it is safe to drive on the roads by offering insight into the current road coverage. The app is updated frequently and was created to help travelers stay safe on Missouri roads.

Download the App

Go to the iPhone App store or Android Marketplace to install MoDOT's new smartphone app today! This is a great resource for any Missouri driver! 

Inclement Weather Discount! 

Do you work in or around Fort Leonard Wood? Fort Wood Hotels wants to be a resource for our community. Whether the weather catches you by surprise while you are at work or if you need to stay in town to be able to work the following day, our hotels in St.Robert, Mo offer an inclement weather discount. 

Don’t risk dangerous road conditions this winter – Ask Fort Wood Hotels about our inclement weather discounts!

Fort Wood Hotel's - Here for Our Community! 

Our Mission at Fort Wood Hotels is to serve our guests, our community, and each other! This is why we want to be a viable option for lodging should the weather cause our roads to become too dangerous to drive on. Many essentials workers are needed in our area regardless of the weather and we are here for you! The next time the snow or ice strikes in our area, give our hotels a call for discounted lodging. Our comfortable rooms are waiting and ready to help keep you safe this winter. 

Staying for a day...a week...or a month?  We've got you covered!

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